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Missing Jake

i miss this sweet boy. jake went to his forever home this week, and as happy as i am for him, i am also quite sad, selfishly. he came into my life during a particularly raw and difficult time; a time with unexpected sadness and loss, a time that forced a realization in my life…
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i loved meeting punkin, she is an absolute doll. her humans love her so much, and you can see it in their exchanges. this was my first time doing eol photos for the tilly project; i've done eol photos a few times before, but this was the first time volunteering for a stranger. i was…
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it's been awhile since i posted, and even longer since i lost flint. flint was a special soul who brought so much love to my home and heart. he was always happy, loving, kind, goofy and always ready to snuggle. after 4 months we had finally found him his forever home, and before we could…
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love heals. love binds. love turns hope into reality. snapple is the best example of this. the best example of how love can heal, give hope and give rebirth. my most favorite human took her in, despite so much hurt in her life. she spent so much time, energy, worry, heart, love, patience, feels. she…
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