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love heals. love binds. love turns hope into reality. snapple is the best example of this. the best example of how love can heal, give hope and give rebirth. my most favorite human took her in, despite so much hurt in her life. she spent so much time, energy, worry, heart, love, patience, feels. she…
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my sweet ethan. we saw him at the shelter, defeated, sad, injured, broken - he had given up. seeing him, with no spark in his eye, no hope, no love for the cruel world, we took him home. after weeks of tlc, sleepless nights, vet visits, meds, attempts at food and water, he decided to…
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i don't know if any one reads these, but i'm going to start writing them again, for myself. as an introvert, who is forced into dealing with people all day every day, i find my respite in two ways: first, nature - i find my calm in the silence and peace. i get a chance…
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i loved having tristan in my life, if only for a short while. tristan came to us from our friends at pound buddies in muskegon. he was very skinny and nervous and struggling with the shelter environment. he fit right in with bingo and me, wrestling and playing from the first minute until the last,…
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