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Arizona Moon Rise

i loved my time in arizona; it was good for my soul and my energy to be around special good people and fantastic nature. nature is what gives me energy, rejuvenation and calm. in a pivotal time in my life when i sometimes focus on the one thing i want most but will not have,…
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one of the purest forms of love is sacrifice. being selfless. putting another's needs first; caring so much about another's well being, that goodbye is the only option that makes sense - despite immeasurable hurt. so much irony. this takes courage. this takes strength. so much of each. i have respect, admiration and love beyond…
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i love this tiny munchkin. so much. buffy had an incredibly sad past; used as a bait dog in detroit, she was left for dead, mangled and broken. the amazing people at the detroit shelter brought her back to life, and we asked if we could get her to the next step. despite so much…
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this sweet boy. my goodness, such a special soul. i met pongo a few months ago at pound buddies in muskegon, mi - a truly wonderful shelter that cares so much for their special pups. pongo was so kind, mellow, sweet and lovable. he brought so much love and happiness to my heart during a…
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