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i adopted henry today (fka alfred). a special friend introduced us. this old pup has had an incredibly rough life as far as i can tell. he has limited vision and little or no hearing. he struggles to walk. his sense of smell is good; he loves peanut butter cookies. he has soulful, beautiful brown...
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i'm so proud of this sweet boy and how far he has come. he is a symbol of everything that is wrong with how dogs are treated by humans. he was 20 pounds, emaciated, malnourished, miserable. but with time, love, patience and the special hand of one wonderful person, he is a healthy, happy, amazing...
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i adore this little guy. he is fearless. twelve years old and he is still very much a puppy. tig came into my life because his owner passed away. this sent him and two other adorable sibling pups to live with fosters. after a couple weeks he settled in nicely. this is the second time...
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when he took the first injection, his eyes got really big and he started to panic for what seemed like an eternity but was probably only two seconds. he calmed down, and sank into ashley's lap, his head overlapping her knee and into my hands and face. he's so big. everything about him is big....
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