I was lucky enough to meet this sweet pup yesterday. I can't stop thinking about him. Goliath was given 3 months to live over a year ago. But he has decided to live, and live happily. You can't help but smile instantly when you see him. He has such a calming affect and a contagious smile that matches his warm personality. As he trots towards you with a look that says, 'we're gonna be best friends right now kay ?' you find yourself eager to squeeze his big face. And he loves that. A good friend, and probably the best person I know shared with me a book that has touched my soul in a way I forgot possible. I will do no justice to how amazing this book is by briefly mentioning it here, but I will mention that this special book has a very simple and important message - it's never too late to trust again, to love or be loved again, and it's never too late to live again. I'm so glad I met Goliath. I'm so thankful I have people in my life that know what real beauty is. And I'm so thankful I am here today. Walk in beauty Goliath . . .

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