This is the best person I know, doing something incredibly selfless – again. Howard was a very special dog. I think we could all learn a lot from him. He was blind and deaf, and yet he lived his life with spirit, every day. His inspiration came from Laura; she has such a genuine and warm soul, and she gave Howard part of her soul so he could spend his time with her in happiness, being truly loved. I don’t know many people that would accept the terms of a short relationship, knowing it will definitely end in heartache and loss. So much sacrifice and selfless courage. When I think more closely however, the best people in my life accept those terms anytime they adopt a dog. We all know it will end in heartache and loss eventually, but we focus on the love and happiness, because otherwise we would be soulless robots offering nothing to the world or anyone in it. I was happy I had a chance to know Howard before he passed. He passed the day after this picture was taken. Love you Laura, thank you for being a bright light in a dark place.

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